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Crypto Currency/Bitcoin

This is my preferred deposit method and you are very welcome to use it to take care of the remainder of the balance anytime before our meeting. Simply let me know and I will send you a fresh receiving address.

There are many exchanges you can use to buy and send crypto currency, but to keep things simple I would suggest either using coinbase or cash app.

To use COINBASE you will need to sign up, create a profile, get verified and connect a funding source.

Once verified, you can deposit funds into your account (transfer USD from bank into BTC in wallet).

Once the bitcoin is in your account, confirmed, and ready to send, you can send it to me.

I have a unique wallet address that is a series of letters and numbers that you will copy/paste into your screen when you click “send bitcoin”. You must copy and paste my wallet address, because any mistakes mean that the money is gone forever. Ask me for my wallet address whenever you are ready.

To use CASH APP, you need to have a verified cash app account which will allow you to send bitcoin to any wallet address.

It is very simple.

Make sure you tab the address after pasting it so it gets activated (see point 5).

Let me know if you have any questions. It may be intimidating at first, but it is a smooth and easy process and my current preferred way to receive deposits as well as the remainder of the balance!


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