international model and luxury companion

Before we meet,

there are a few guidelines you need to know to ensure we have a satisfying and memorable experience.

  • I value privacy, discretion and respect as well as kindness, honesty, trustworthiness and sincerity.
  • Booking weeks or even months ahead is no issue. 
  • Do not mention the consideration by phone, e-mail, text message or in person.
  • If there is another person present we did not previously agree upon meeting with, our appointment will be cancelled immediately. Private drivers, pilots or chefs are exceptions.
  • Whether we share a meal, go skydiving together (please – let’s not ūüėČ ) or just stay at your hotel it’s considered part of our time together. The investment is for my time only, unrelated to how we may spend it.
  • I do not smoke. I’m 420-friendly but won’t engage unless you do.
  • Anything we do and anything you share with me shall be kept private. Do not discuss me with other people. I give you the same respect in return. Born and raised in the heart of Europe, I operate under European Privacy Laws.
  • Chivalry, generosity and good matters are a turn on for me.
  • I do not send pictures.
  • I am verified on multiple platforms including SLIXA, PRIVATE DELIGHTS, EROS, P411 and TRYST so you can feel comfortable contacting me.

Q & A

Yes. I would not be doing it otherwise. I am not dependent on this, which allows me to be selective. I understand that this is a blessing that I am grateful for. I have always worked, trained and studied very hard for it. 

I truly enjoy meeting exactly the kind of interesting, sophisticated, intelligent and fascinating human beings I have always craved to be able to connect with. Little did I know that it would be this adventure that would finally allow me to do that. 

I also genuinely enjoy the thrill of it all. Apparently one of the 5 greatest regrets of the dying is wishing “I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”  Having always had an intense attraction on men, I had learned that I already possessed many of the qualities that seem to be highly desirable in the demimonde. 

March 2020 I suddenly found myself unable to leave my place with adequate free time on my hands to create a website and online presence for something I have long known to be one of my callings. 

Being extremely ambitious lead to me spending most of my life studying, training and improving myself, rather than dating or focussing on relationships. 

But there was always that lingering desire to meet the kind of exceptional, intriguing gentlemen and women, who are just as busy and unattainable as I must have always seemed to be. 

And yet, I had no idea just how incredible the connections I was about to make would turn out. How interesting some of the conversations I would be having would be and the caliber of men and women I would have the pleasure of meeting. I never expected the dates to be this exciting and stimulating. 

By now I have met some truly incredible, brilliant, kind, genuine and overall fascinating men, women, and couples, many of which have become ongoing friends.

I knew I would greatly appreciate the clarity that expectations are carefully articulated in this space.

  • Money, which, as a result, provides me with one of the most valuable assets known to mankind: Time.
  • Excitement, amusement, pleasure.
          Not necessarily in this order. 

Yes, all my images are 100% authentic and recent.

I have no interest to represent myself inaccurately on my website as it would only lead to disappointment when meeting in person. I like to see you being full of joy when we meet. 

As an internationally published model I have to be careful with posting too many images online as Athena, which, amongst other reasons, led me to create my Private Members Area where I can be more free.

I will gladly accommodate any reasonable outfit requests. If you’d like to see me in something specific, my sizes can be found here

I most certainly am.

For a date to be pleasant, interpersonal chemistry is the most important factor.

I hope that my website allows potential suitors to make an educated guess on whether or not we would be a good match.

With me being selective as well, I have thus far done very well in that department. 

As far as trysts that sound exhilarating and thrilling to me,¬†there’s¬†plenty that comes to mind:

  • ¬†A getaway to a luxurious resort on a tropical island where we can watch the sunset whilst¬†having¬†stimulating¬†conversations, swim in the ocean whenever we ¬†and enjoy some of the island’s most delicious fruits.
  • A trip to an¬†exciting¬†city (Paris? Hong Kong? Tokyo?) where we can explore everything from interesting museums¬†and spectacular sights¬†to phenomenal¬†restaurants and ¬†extraordinary bars,¬†taking it all in while we get to enjoy each¬†other’s company and create unforgettable¬†memories together.¬†
  • As an expert skier and snowboarder I will gladly accompany you on a trip to your favorite ski resort where we can¬†enjoy the strikingly beautiful mountains and, afterwards, the rejuvenating experience of both saunas and jacuzzis.
  • I have a strong fondness of Omakase and appreciate¬†savoring¬†incredible¬†flavors in the company even more¬†incredible individuals.
  • A lover of the sea, I will gladly accompany you on a yacht trip where the destination and the journey will be equally exciting.
  • A lover of astounding fine art photography,¬†extraordinary painters and art in general, visits to exceptional museums have been part of some of my most exciting dates, as¬†art does provoke the most exciting conversations. ¬†Why not continue those over dinner afterwards?¬†
  • Deeply enthralled by¬†history, mythology and past times, I have visited plenty of remarkable archeological excavation sites and would be¬†delighted to explore more with you.¬†
  • An¬†audiophile¬†with appreciation for a variety of genres,¬†I enjoy the calm and¬†relaxing evening at a dim lit bar featuring an extraordinary live¬†blues band just as much as the¬†exhilarating¬†visit to an electronic dance¬†festival. I¬†believe¬†attending an exceptional music¬†festival can be one of the most¬†intoxication experiences of one’s life, and create¬†exactly those memories one will cherish for a lifetime.
  • A former¬†professional dancer, I am very athletic and do not¬†shun exercise or experiences that could be¬†strenuous, in case you’d like to hike¬†to the top of Haleakala to watch one of the most¬†beautiful¬†sunsets you’ll ever see.
  • And yet, lots of¬†activity is hardly¬†required for a date to be¬†magnificent. You and me. A lavish hotel room. Champagne and strawberries in the jacuzzi. Going out for dinner or¬†simply ordering in. Some of my most¬†wonderful dates included¬†watching a¬†fantastic movie together and¬†discussing it afterwards, listening to each other’s favorite songs together¬†and¬†simply spending quality time.¬†
‚ÄúIn the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years‚ÄĚ

No. My Private Members Area is solely for those interested in seeing more images, and finding out more about my life. It is but a more personal peek into my persona. Joining is neither mandatory in order to meet me, nor do I give preference to those who do. 

I am not a touring companion.

I am, however, occasionally able to make time for a “Fly Me To You” or “Fly Me With You” date, and¬†sometimes entertain bookings while traveling personally.

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